Friday, March 20, 2009

Trips to Africa

I'm having trouble answering comments on my blog, so I guess I'll just answer them with a new blog post!

#1BullsFan asked when I went to Africa.

I've actually been twice. Once in January 1988 and once in December 2000-January 2001. Both times my husband Rick and I went on a camera safari of Tanzania and Kenya. During the first safari, we met two couples who we stayed friends with over the years, and we all decided to go back to Africa with our kids in 2000.

Both trips were great, in their own way. 1988 was wonderful. We saw lots of hippos (more than in 2000) and had one brief (5 second) viewing of a leopard. So when we got there in 2000, we told our guide we wanted to see a leopard--and we actually saw 7 different leopards! Plus we had some wonderful up close and personal times with elephants, which helped confirm in my mind my love of these great animals.

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